The SwiftUI Boilerplate to create AI Wrappers Fast


The SwiftUI Boilerplate to create AI Wrappers Fast

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Save a lot of time building AI Wrappers or any iOS app fast, following a guided documentation and tutorials step by step. Repetitive things like Authentication, In-App Purchases, PayWalls, Onboarding, Cloud Database, GPT Integrations, Securing API Key, Settings, etc... Get all out bot the box.

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  • Janu Lingeswaran
    7 hours ago

    🌯 <- This emoji is the official property of WrapFast

    9 hours ago

    Make it fast make with Wrapfast

  • David Manso
    a day ago

    I've been using it to include AI on my apps and it's perfect. Good luck with it, Juanjo!

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WrapFast was launched by Juanjo Valiño in 2 days ago.

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