About DevHunt

Welcome to DevHunt! We're a group of cool, young developers who came together with one mission: to create an awesome platform specifically for launching developer tools. We believe in collaboration and making the internet better for devs everywhere.

The Team

We're lucky to have some amazing contributors on board:

Our Story

We realized that launching dev tools wasn't always easy or fair on platforms like Product Hunt. So we thought, "Why not build our own platform just for devs?" And so, DevHunt was born!

Our project is all about being open and collaborative - that's why we've made it super simple to list your dev tool. Plus, users can only vote or comment after logging in with their GitHub accounts, keeping things genuine and focused.

Perks for the Winners

  • A feature in our weekly newsletter reaching thousands of DevHunt developers.
  • A dedicated post and mention on our social media channels.
  • An exclusive winner badge to show off your win!
  • Exclusive discounts and free credits from our partner products.

What Tools Can Launch Here?

  • Open Source Tools: Got a project that can help devs? Share it here.
  • APIs & SDKs: If your tool makes coding easier, launch it with us!
  • Frameworks & Libraries: Created something to save fellow devs some time? We'd love to see it.
  • IDEs & Code Editors:Built an environment where devs can write and debug code efficiently? Bring it on!
  • Testing Tools: All tools related to testing are welcome here.
  • Monitoring/Performance tracking Tools: Real-time system performance or app health monitoring tools - all game-changers welcomed!

Join Us!

Want to be part of the fun? Awesome! You can contribute directly through our GitHub repository or spread the word among fellow developers who might want in on this adventure too.

Together as a community, we'll create something truly special – let's do this! 🚀


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Become a sponsor!

  • banner on home page
  • placing in the dev tool least with "featured" label
  • included into all emails sent out by devhunt
Reach out to John Rush for details and prices.