Export any Webflow website including CSS, JS and Images.


Export any Webflow website including CSS, JS and Images.

Webflow Exporter is a practical tool designed to export any Webflow website for free. It includes all the essential elements like CSS, JS, and Media Assets, ensuring your website's design and functionality are preserved outside of Webflow.
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Comments, support and feedback

  • Jitesh Ghanchi
    4 months ago

    That's a cool tool! Now, I just need to make a website, export it, and host it on Cloudflare Pages for free.

  • Yassine Bouanane
    5 months ago

    Hey DevHunt 👋🏼, This year, I will once again launch 10+ products and this is project #1. Webflow-Exporter is a tool to easily export any Webflow website for free. The export is a ZIP file that contains all the CSS, Javascript, Media files and HTML pages of the website. You can then upload and host the website on your own servers if you want. It has various neat features like the ability to remove the Webflow badge, download the whole website vs a single page, adding an empty script.js/style.css files to add custom code and much more. Funnily, Webflow-Exporter was built in Webflow and exporter using Webflow-Exporter 🤯. I hope you'll enjoy using it. If you want to follow my Build In Public journey, feel free to follow me on X @ybouane Disclaimer: This tool is not created by or affiliated with Webflow, Inc. It is your responsibility to use it in compliance with Webflow's terms of service.

About this launch

Webflow-Exporter was launched by Yassine Bouanane in February 27th 2024.

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