Premium templates & plugins for Swiper and Framework7

UI Initiative

Premium templates & plugins for Swiper and Framework7

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High-quality premium templates & plugins for Swiper and Framework7 from the authors of these open-source libraries themselves
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  • Vladimir Kharlampidi
    9 months ago

    Hey DevHunt community! During the launch week here, we offer a 30% discount for the UI Initiative All-access with promo code DEVHUNT-UI 🎟️

  • Yossef Ginsberg
    10 months ago

    Hi Vladimir, I have bought the package from your website UI Initiative but I don't understand how to install it in Divhunt builder. I have downloaded the uiinitiative-carousel. How can I install it? Should I wait for the launch that will be in 3 days?

  • Vladimir Kharlampidi
    a year ago

    Hello everyone! 👋 I'm glad to present UI Initiative - our new online store of premium templates and plugins for Swiper and Framework7, created by us - the original authors of Swiper and Framework7. We put a lot of time and effort into creating unique and attractive templates that will help you save time on development and focus on what really matters - your customers. Whether you're creating a new app or trying to improve an existing one, we're sure that our products will add a special shine and effect to your project. We sincerely value your opinion and look forward to your feedback. Your feedback and suggestions will help us make our store even better. Support us at DevHunt and help us to keep creating quality products for you. Thank you for your support!

About this launch

UI Initiative was launched by Vladimir Kharlampidi in January 3rd 2023.

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