Discover, Buy, and Sell Website Ventures.

Micro Startups Acquisitions

Discover, Buy, and Sell Website Ventures.

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Startups Acquisitions, your go-to 'Dead Projects' SaaS marketplace for navigating the dynamic world of buying and selling startups. We facilitate the acquisition of startups with Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) or TTM ranging from $0 to $10,000. Basically a platform for abandoned or dead projects with potential to scale.
  • Micro Startups Acquisitions

Comments, support and feedback

  • asad
    4 months ago

    vouching for you. Hopefully i get my side startups listed on your platform soon. I have a couple of planned exits soon.

  • Mikel Orina
    4 months ago

    Awesome Tool alternative for selling abandoned side startups. Zero fees is exciting.

  • Merisha
    4 months ago

    Great tool. Love the fact a seller can list multi listings under one account and can manage the listings from one dashboard unlike other tools.

  • Omosayansii
    4 months ago

    @Mark, yes a sign up authentication is required if you are a buyer. This is to protect the seller sensitive data and brush off spams from the listings.

  • Mark Redman
    4 months ago

    Just checking, I need to sign-up and pay if I want to be a buyer and explore what's on offer.

About this launch

Micro Startups Acquisitions was launched by Omosayansii in March 5th 2024.

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