Curated list of top boilerplates to help you start your next project.

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Curated list of top boilerplates to help you start your next project.

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Starter Index is a directory of the best boilerplates on the internet, curated by hand. Discover the perfect boilerplate for your project, or list yours for free.

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  • sididev
    6 months ago

    Liked the idea behind this directory, I think this will be so helpful for the indie hackers out there, good luck.

  • Jonathan Jewell
    6 months ago

    I upvoted this, looks great, just one question... is it possible to get Zotero boiler plates incorporated into Starter Index (or am I just missing it and there already)? Zotero is a tool for academic referencing and citations, nothing to do with me (it is a big open-source type thing that has been around for a long time), except as an academic using it. The details of what these templates and things look like are on this page, in case you can and this is useful to you: This is a list of the plugins and styles makers bit, the most relevant two bits: The particular bit that is relevant is down the bottom where it talks about developer tools, and connect to details and examples, etc. Also this, but not sure if you really need that unless they could be boiler plated too: with API details: for citation styles: for translators: I am not expecting you to rush forward on this, and maybe if you went through it, I could contribute this thing to your product (and learn how to do it at the same time). However, it would be useful to me as I would like to get involved in advancing this tool (Zotero) as it is not quite fit for purpose as is, and of course, I will cite/reference your company if you can! Well done on a very sensible and helpful addition to the development community, and good luck getting it moving forward and developing. No rush on this thing for me, but it's just a thought.

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Starter Index was launched by Stefan in January 3rd 2023.

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