Static website generator, create animated websites easily.
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Static website generator, create animated websites easily.

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Generate beautiful, animated, static websites with your creative direction in a matter of minutes. Export the generated HTML to your local PC and import it to any hosting you want.

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  • Andrew Jackson
    6 months ago

    I love the designs!

  • Andrian V.
    7 months ago

    Hey, Dev Hunt 👋 Designmodo Founder here! We’re happy to announce Slides 6! 🎉 Slides 6 comes with a ton of new features and functionality. The most important features are noted below, and remember you can try it free. ❓ What’s New? Everything about Slides is new with this release: the online app, design, functionality, page organization, settings, and more. - Brand new look and feel Editor, for convenience and speed of development. - Set your colors in the new Colors tab, which allows you to add more color classes. - Seamlessly integrate useful services in Integration tab to all your pages. - Directly add Examples to your Page Template. - 75 new Slides have been added. More to come! - 5 new templates have been added with ability to add Slides and Examples to Templates. More to come! - Addition of a Scroll Magnetic to the list of Effects, where slides stick to the top of the screen. - Your projects can be seamlessly hosted to - Projects and Pages views are eliminated and integrated into the Editor for quick access. - The new Code Editor enables full-screen viewing and quick switching between all of your slides and panels. - Custom Fonts styles are sync through all your projects. - Device Preview mode was added to help you quickly adapt your page to various screens. - New font size classes give you more control over your fonts. - SVG connects as a separate file, improving the look and loading time of the source code. - And more… see the changelog for details. 🤗 💡 Our Solution Slides is an online app that helps you create static websites. It fits all kinds of projects thanks to customizable and ready-made modules and templates. 📝 Suggestions I really hope you like it. We’re adding more features and improvements every day.

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Slides was launched by Andrian V. in January 16th 2024.

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