Your API - easy to consume šŸ˜Ž. Generate and publish SDKs + Documentation in seconds.
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Your API - easy to consume šŸ˜Ž. Generate and publish SDKs + Documentation in seconds.

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Upload your OpenAPI Specification, and let the SDK generator create amazing developer experience. Sideko produces code that looks and feels like a developer crafted it by hand. Currently supports: Python, Typescript, Ruby, Rust, Go
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Comments, support and feedback

  • Rohit Ramesh
    16 days ago

    Great tool! Elias gave me a demo on how it works and it was incredible

  • pablo
    23 days ago

    increible! good job team

  • Patrick Kelly
    25 days ago

    Bhavik, we wrote API client SDKs together at work and saw how powerful they can be. We learned about how to generate code with Rust found we could generate great SDKs from just an OpenAPI spec

  • Bhavik (
    a month ago

    It's a real gem Team. Curious to know how this idea came to mind?

  • Patrick Kelly
    a month ago

    Hi! Patrick here from Sideko šŸ‘‹ Do you have an API that you want to share with the world? Sideko can productize your API by generating and publishing robust SDKs and beautiful documentation in less than 5 minutes. All you have to do is upload your OpenAPI specification. šŸŒŸ Features - SDK languages: Python, Typescript, Ruby, Go, Rust (more coming soon...) - Full API reference documentation - Code snippets for SDKs embedded in docs - Fully typed SDKs (whenever possible given OpenAPI spec and language) - Publish SDKs to github - Publish SDKs to package managers with generated Github actions - File uploads managed by SDKs - Add your teammates (pro) - Customizable branding for your documentation (pro) - Keep SDKs/docs in sync as your specification changes (pro) Questions? Suggestions? Get in touch here!

About this launch

Sideko was launched by Patrick Kelly in January 30th 2024.

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