Website uptime monitoring, 30 seconds, 15 locations.
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Website uptime monitoring, 30 seconds, 15 locations.

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Get notified by phone calls, SMS, email, Telegram, or Slack when a website goes down. Enhance your company's transparency in the eyes of your customers by creating appealing status pages, badges, and issue management reports.
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Comments, support and feedback

  • Meg Mac
    2 days ago

    What does the underlying infrastructure look like? Eg AWS? Do you use Route53 pings or something else?

  • Andrew Jackson
    5 months ago

    I use the free plan and hope to be a happy customer soon.

  • Andrian V.
    6 months ago

    Hi Dev Hunt πŸ‘‹ A year ago, I was looking for a service with reliable uptime and status page options to monitor our websites and customize our status pages with our brand graphics and colors. I was looking for a minimum of 1-minute uptime checking, SMS/calls alerts, advanced status page customizations, and an affordable price. There was nothing out there!... πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ So I started researching one of our own. In a few weeks, I had a plan of action. And with the help of my talented team at Designmodo, we began creating Pulsetic. 🀯 10 months later: we're ready to show you the new service! Here’s why we love it - and you will too. πŸ’― Free β†’ A generous free plan, 100% free with no card β†’ 10 monitors β†’ Unlimited status pages β†’ Advanced settings β†’ Custom domain name for your status page β†’ Email, Slack, Telegram, Webhook alerts β†’ SSL monitoring and alerts β†’ Weekly report πŸ”₯ Paid plans β†’ All in the Free plan + πŸ‘‡ β†’ Up to 200 monitors β†’ Up to 50 team members β†’ 30 seconds checking interval β†’ Up to 15 locations (New York, Los Angeles, Nuremberg, Singapore, Bangalore, Toronto, Helsinki, London, Sao Paulo, Cape Town and more...) β†’ SMS/Voice calls alerts β†’ Status page incident updates β†’ Status page, badge customization πŸ’… (ex: β†’ Subscribers notifications β†’ Password protected status page and more... πŸ”₯ We'd love to hear what you think! Thanks to everyone who made this happen! πŸ™

About this launch

Pulsetic was launched by Andrian V. in January 16th 2024.

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