Evaluate your software skills and get certified!
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Ninja Talent

Evaluate your software skills and get certified!

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We offer Code Challenges in the most demmanding technologies so developers can prove their skills with an external certification. We also offer our recruitment services in order to help developers in their job search and connect them with companies that need IT talent.

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  • Pavel
    a month ago

    Really, the most popular project is a site where there are 'SING in' and 'SING out' buttons, and the language switch looks like a fucking 90 selector with only pictures of flags and no text?

  • Ernesto Correa
    a month ago

    Esta herramienta es un super medio para evaluar y acreditar a los mejores Teckis del sector

About this launch

Ninja Talent was launched by Jaume Fabregat in March 19th 2024.

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