Develop your apps with .local domains


Develop your apps with .local domains

Say goodbye to cumbersome IP addresses and port numbers like Forget the hassle of manually creating HTTPS certificates! Choose a descriptive domain (e.g., webapp.local) and configure it within your development environment. Your .local domain automatically becomes accessible to any device on your local network.

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  • Flo
    21 days ago

    Both emails to contact the support don’t work.

  • Reza Qorbani
    24 days ago

    The checkout page gives a 404 error!

  • Bhavik (
    a month ago

    Nice idea. May adding duration to plan will help a lot. Like 29$ per month, per year or for lifetime.

About this launch

Loco was launched by Deepak Puthraya in March 26th 2024.

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