The Open Source SvelteKit SaaS boilerplate.


The Open Source SvelteKit SaaS boilerplate.

KitForStartups helps you build SaaS apps fast with SvelteKit. It configures auth, payments, database and email, so you can focus on your app instead of repeating setup. Great for hitting the ground running to ship your next SaaS idea quickly and securely.

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  • Geoffrey Callaghan
    7 months ago

    I think you should use for your website email address so you can prevent spam and hide your email address behind a captcha.

  • Justin Ahinon
    8 months ago

    Hello dev makers 👋🏽. My name is Justin, and I've been using Svelte and SvelteKit on large scale projects for a couple of years now. KitForStartups is a starter kit for building and shipping fast, secure, and scalable full stack SaaS applications with SvelteKit and TypeScript. If you already found yourself in a situation where you were: - Trying to set up various authentication systems (email/password, social logins, OAuth, etc.) - Scratching your head over how to structure your app - Spending too much time setting up payments for your SvelteKit app, either with Stripe or Lemon Squeezy - Fighting against your email provider for sending emails from your app, and testing them reliably on your local machine - Doing all the above again and again for every new project Then KitForStartups is for you 🎉!

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KitForStartups was launched by Justin Ahinon in January 10th 2023.

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