Check your JS knowledge by having fun.

JavaScript Quiz

Check your JS knowledge by having fun.

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Check your knowledge by having fun. All questions have detailed explanations.

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Comments, support and feedback

  • Madza
    5 months ago

    Congrats Marko, great way to start the year!

  • Rodrigo Rocco
    5 months ago

    Congrats Marko!

  • Roberto Robles
    5 months ago

    Looks interesting, congrats!

  • Dunsin
    5 months ago

    Looks fun and challenging Marko, is this open source?

  • Marcel Cruz
    5 months ago

    Great resource to up JS skills!! Best of luck, Marko!

  • Frank Eno
    5 months ago

    Great tool to improve your JS skills, congrats and good luck Marko!

  • Peter Mick
    5 months ago

    Congrats on the launch Marko! Javascript in itself is fun already and this quiz takes it to next level of fun! 😁

  • Csaba Kissi
    5 months ago

    Perfect for anybody who wants to improve their Javascript skills.

  • Musharof Chowdhury
    5 months ago

    Interesting resource for javascript learners, thanks for creating this!

  • Devluc
    6 months ago

    Great way to brush up those JS skills. Supported. Good luck with the launch

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JavaScript Quiz was launched by Marko Denic in January 3rd 2023.

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