A Git client for simultaneous branches on top of your existing workflow.
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A Git client for simultaneous branches on top of your existing workflow.

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GitButler is a Git client that lets you work on multiple branches at the same time. It allows you to quickly organize file changes into separate branches while still having them applied to your working directory. Then, you can push individual branches to a remote of your choice, or directly create pull requests.
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Comments, support and feedback

  • Vasil Enchev
    5 months ago

    Feedback and tips for people who have issues: So initially I had issues getting it to run in my repo and it was because changes from develop to main branch were too big (60 commits). It was just loading forever. I had to delete the repo and then set it up as develop the target (trunk) branch instead of main. Then I was very careful not to do too many operations at the same time and I was able to checkout into a feature branch which branched from develop. No issues after that (except all changes from develop have the wrong blame history.

  • Kiril Videlov
    5 months ago

    Hey Nicolás, I am sorry that you experienced issues setting it up. If you ping me on our Discord I can help you straight away (there is also a feedback button in the app in the bottom left if that's better for you). Thanks, Kiril

  • Nicolás Quiroz
    5 months ago

    Very buggy, can't even connect my repo

  • Scott Chacon
    5 months ago

    GitButler started as a pretty simple observation that the way in which we use Git today hasn't changed much from how version control systems have worked for decades now. There is so much we can still do to improve how we work with, share, merge and collaborate on our code with more modern development workflows. The GitButler client is a Git client that doesn't just try to map buttons onto all the Git commands, but tries to think about what you're really trying to do and approach the problem new. Our first big focus is a totally new way to work on branches - simultaneously. You don't have to choose to be working on branch A or branch B and stashing and switching back and forth between them. You can have _both_ applied at the same time, adding to them, committing on them, pushing them to GitHub, without them getting entangled. The project is public on GitHub, so go check out the code, build it yourself, open any issues for bugs or just cool things you would love to see us solve for you. Thanks! Scott

About this launch

GitButler was launched by Anne Leuschner in February 13th 2024.

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