The Notion Like API Client

Fusion: The All in one API Client: Build, Test, Document and Collaborate on APIs.

The Notion Like API Client

We wanted to completely reimagine the API client as what we believe it has the potential to be: a real powerhouse tool for every modern developer and key enabler for every forward thinking development team. AI enabled Real collaboration Simple docs

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  • Fusion:  The All in one API Client: Build, Test, Document and Collaborate on APIs.

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  • Nikolas Dimitroulakis
    2 days ago

    I'm Nikolas creator of Fusion, the latest addition to the ApyHub API Ecosystem. We're thrilled to launch Fusion on devhunt for all developers, QA and technical writers out there! 🚀 ApyHub hosts over 110 APIs in our curated API catalog and operates hundreds of internal APIs that power our platform. This is why we have always been very meticulous about API management. However, the API clients (like Postman and even the newer, supposedly “modern” ones) that we used for building, testing, and documenting these APIs did not make our lives easier. We wanted something different, better and easier and we decided to do something about it. Fusion is the result! Fusion is built with the developer in mind. Inspired by tools like Notion, Linear, and Google Docs, it is designed to offer developers a tool they can truly make their own. Here’s how Fusion stands out compared to all other legacy API clients: 🧩 Composable Fusion Blocks: Each aspect of an API request is modular and composable, including headers, query parameters, form inputs, JSON bodies, and scripts. This offers developers, QA, and technical writers great flexibility, reducing redundancy and improving API test management efficiency. 📄Unified Fusion Documents: API specs, tests, and documentation are merged into a single, consistent document, ensuring that dev teams are always on the same page... Literally. 🦸‍♀️Slash Commands: Fusion’s secret superpower lies in its rich Slash Commands. Every new slash command that we add is a whole new feature. This way, adding more features and capabilities doesn’t compromise the developer experience: all these features stay “hidden” until they are invoked through the slash commands. Do you have some ideas about some new slash commands? Write in the comments below.👇 🙌 Keyboard-First Design: Fusion is built with a keyboard-first design, empowering developers to work faster, navigating between different Fusion Blocks and Docs seamlessly. 💬Real-Time Collaboration: Everyone – from frontend and backend developers to QA, technical writers, and product managers – can view, discuss, & collaborate on API specs, tests, and documentation in real-time. 🧙‍♂️Fusion AI: Fusion’s AI capabilities seamlessly integrate into all API development workflows, help with API documentation & testing, supercharging the entire API Lifecycle. Developers and engineering teams can save up to 60% of their time on building, testing, and documenting APIs. With Fusion, you have an API client that is as simple as you want it to be and as powerful as you need it to be.

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Fusion: The All in one API Client: Build, Test, Document and Collaborate on APIs. by Nikolas Dimitroulakis Will be launched July 30th 2024.

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