Represent your project's folder and file structure in Markdown format.

Draw Folder Structure

Represent your project's folder and file structure in Markdown format.

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📊 Visualize Your Project's Bones with Style Markdown Folder Structure is more than just an extension; it's your project's visual storyteller—turning complex folder hierarchies into a neatly organized, Markdown-formatted masterpiece. Perfect for devs who value efficiency and aesthetics!

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  • Krivoox
    2 months ago

    🚀 Introducing Markdown Folder Structure Extension for VS Code! Say goodbye to manual project mapping and hello to effortless organization! Markdown Folder Structure is the ultimate tool for developers seeking efficiency and aesthetics. 📊 Visualize Your Project's Bones with Style Transform complex folder hierarchies into neatly organized Markdown masterpieces. Perfect for devs valuing efficiency and aesthetics! 🔥 Key Features to Fire Up Your Workflow Instant Visualization: Generate Markdown-friendly structures with a single click! Customized Characters: Choose from EmojiDashes to NestedSquares for a personalized touch. Clipboard Magic: Copy structures seamlessly with notification alerts. Auto Markdown Wrapping: Enjoy automatic backticks for crisp code formatting. User-friendly: Designed for easy sharing and collaboration. 🔧 Fine-tune Your Documentation Customize options to omit files or folders, and choose the Markdown style that suits you best. 💻 Seamless Installation in a Snap Get started instantly on the Visual Studio Code Marketplace – compatible with VS Code version 1.81.0 or higher. 🤝 Community at Heart Find support on our GitHub repo or via email. Contribute and be part of our active community!

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Draw Folder Structure was launched by Krivoox in March 5th 2024.

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