Your GPT-4 study assistant with Superpowers


Your GPT-4 study assistant with Superpowers

Your study helper with the power of GPT-4 and the agility of a ready-to-use tool for learning. You get immediate answers to your problems, in-depth explanations, answers to your exam scans, English translations, grammar corrections, and much more.
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  • CheatGPT

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  • Jonathan Jewell
    6 months ago

    Wait is this thing legal? it shouldn't be. I think this should be taken down, or at least discussed with some of the universities and teaching bodies. I mean, the title says it all, and there is a moral matter here. Not an immutable one, but hey, someone should be taking a good lead on this stuff before someone ends up getting hurt. Read this as a starter: (and the subpages) I am not an owner or operator of the OU, but they do a lot of good stuff in this field and are really moving things forward. Even if you want to help the cheaters, it might be that there are ways to do this in an ethically valid and societally useful way, and how much more would that be a credit to you and the design team if you found that niche?

About this launch

CheatGPT was launched by Emanuele Pavanello in January 10th 2023.

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