ChatGPT real-time meetings assistant for job interviews
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ChatGPT real-time meetings assistant for job interviews

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A meeting assistant that captures audio from your browser then generates transcripts in real-time, and suggests responses using OpenAI's GPT-4. Works in the cloud on any computer and in any online meeting tool. We support English, Spanish, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Russian and Chinese.
  • Chadview
  • Chadview

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  • sididev
    2 months ago

    Wow, this tool is so useful, great work guys 👌

  • Charlie
    2 months ago

    This is a really neat piece of tech but I'm a bit hesitant of the application use here, if you don't know something why not just say "I don't know, but I can look it up"? I think this might be better for interviewing customers/on sales calls however, for example I suck at sales so a bot in the meeting that would help me answer customers questions and queries and even direct me towards "closing the sale" would be super useful.

About this launch

Chadview was launched by Anton Garbuzov October 10th 2023.

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