Ship your SaaS super fast


Ship your SaaS super fast

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BoilerCode is a catalog of SaaS boilerplates to help you ship your next product super fast. Stripe, LemonSqueezy, Auth, and Emails Integrations come out of the box with BoilerCode.

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  • Devluc
    8 months ago

    Great project. BoilerCode boilerplates are so flexible and thoroughly documented. Supported

  • Manoj ahirwar
    10 months ago

    Hi Fellow Devs 👋 I am Manoj, Maker of BoilerCode. I have been building products for a long time and launched more than 40 products. Most of the products I was able to ship very fast because I try to reuse my code as much as I can. But till now I did not have a central repository of code where I could just take and plug code into my projects. And that led me to Launch, I created boilerplates from my product's code and created a central repository of components, elements, and integration in one place. Currently, I have added NextJs SaaS and NextJs AI Boilerplates. And have the following features 1. User Auth (Social Login, Magic Link) 2. Database Integration 3. Landing Page 4. Email Integration 5. Stripe Checkout 6. Strip Webhook 7. LemonSqueezy Checkout (Including Paypal) 8. LemonSqueezy Webhook 9. LemonSqueezy Subscription 10. Tailwind CSS 11. Customer Support (Crisp) 12. Custom SEO Configurations 13. Custom Blog Integration 14. Langchain Integration 15. Pinecone Integration 16. OpenAI Integration Looking forward to your Negative and positive feedback :) Cheers!

About this launch

BoilerCode was launched by Manoj ahirwar in January 3rd 2023.

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