Reliable, Scalable, and Cost-Effective for LLMs Power Your AI Startup with the Simple API for Gen AI


  • Novita AI Text to Speech API

    Novita AI Text to Speech API

    Captivating, Realistic, Voice Synthesis

  • Novita AI LLM Inference API

    Novita AI LLM Inference API

    - NSFW-Friendly: Novita AI LLM Chat APIs empower your conversations on any topic of your choice,whether they are NSFW, uncensored or rule-free. - Cost-Effective: Transparent, low-cost pricing: $0.20 per million tokens, with no hidden fees or escalating costs. - Auto Scaling:fast scaling infrastructure. Updating models and Scaling datas can be performed offline. - Stable and Reliable: Maintain low latency in less than 2 seconds, Fast network with private information protected.

    One time feeAPI

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